Personal Records

Mile: 6:25, NYRR 5th Avenue Mile, 9/13/14

5K (3.1M): 22:49 (7:20/mile), Proud to Run 5K (Chicago), 6/25/17

4M: 29:56 (7:29/mile), Elmhurst 4 on the 4th, 7/4/17

5M: 38:27 (7:42/mile), NYRR Team Championships 5-Miler (Central Park), 8/5/17

10K (6.2M): 48:31 (7:48/mile), Race Against Hate 10K (Evanston, IL), 6/18/17

15K (9.3M): 1:14:32 (8:00/mile), NYRR Colon Cancer Challenge 15K (Central Park), 4/1/12

10M: 1:24:30 (8:27/mile), NYRR Bronx 10-Miler, 9/28/14

Half Marathon (13.1M): 1:44:32 (7:59/mile), Aramco Houston Half Marathon, 1/15/12

Marathon (26.2M): 4:05:22 (9:21/mile), Bank of America Chicago Marathon, 10/7/12

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