cnb’s “About Me”

I’m Carla, a book editor, yet another semicompetitive distance runner, occasional marathoner, and recent Chicago transplant (after spending nearly 11 years in New York City).

I spent most of my childhood in Houston, Texas, and I wasn’t much of an athlete until I joined the track and cross-country teams as a high school junior. I initially joined the teams just to add more extracurriculars to my college applications, but after learning that I actually liked running, I decided to stick with it when I moved to New York to attend NYU. It turned out to be a great way for me to learn my way around the city, as I was able to see more of it by experiencing it on foot rather than by being underground on the subway. Sometimes I regret not running for my university’s track or XC teams in college, but running for the Prospect Park Track Club belatedly remedied that for several post-college years.

I’m an identical twin. Emilia is also a runner and she’s an editor, so, yes, we share a lot of the same interests. We both went to New York for school (different colleges), but after just a couple of years of “real world” New York after graduating, Emilia opted to move back to Houston about 5 years before I made the move from NYC to the Second City.

After the 2012 Austin Half Marathon
Running through my old neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn, during NYCM 2013
#twinsies celebrating marathon #4
#twinsies celebrating marathon #4

A few more facts about yours truly:

I call myself an occasional marathoner because I’m proud to have reached that distance milestone, but it’s certainly not one of my favorite distances to race (those would be the 5K and half marathon). It’s currently a challenge I prefer to limit to just once a year (if that). Full disclosure: I fully intend to retire from 26.2 and only train for 13.1 and below just as soon as I qualify for and run the Boston Marathon (#roadtoretirement, y’all!).

I detest racing the 10K distance, admittedly because I’m not very good at it (I recently finally ran one at a slightly faster pace than that of my half-marathon PR!).

I really like the color teal. But you knew that already.


Thanks for stopping by!

Celebrating my successful PR goal at the Houston Half Marathon in January 2012. When given the option, I like to have CNB (my initials) printed on my bib instead of my name (it makes me run faster, I swear).

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