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Pride Run Recap

on June 28, 2012

Remember when I talked a big game about trying to be consistent in my training and maintaining my 4-mile pace in this weekend’s Pride Run 5M? Well, here are my splits: 8:05, 8:25, 8:15, 9:00, 7:57. Yeah.

I’d never raced a 5-miler before, so I was anxious to find out whether it would be fantastic like a 4-miler or terrible like a 10K. If I’d been able to run around my 4-mile pace of 7:31, I would have finished in under 38 minutes. Instead, my official finish time was 41:31. Not too shabby, but I would definitely like to see some improvement considering that this distance was nearly 12 minutes slower than my 4-mile time despite being only one mile longer. While I did run the whole time, I also stopped for water twice, something I usually won’t do for shorter distances. (It was hot! This explains that 9-minute mile.) Once I knew my time goal wasn’t happening, I just focused on getting my speed back up. I somehow got confused and thought the race clocks were in real time since I started pretty close to the front corral, so when I made the last turn and saw the seconds ticking away on the clock above the finish, I sprinted my little heart out to finish in under 42 minutes. I obviously later realized I had an extra 29 seconds banked when the final results came in, but at least my false impression got me a sub-8 mile and in the last mile at that!

Post-race photo with former roommate Jenny.

I’d like to give this distance another shot in a different season to shoot for a faster time, but NYRR seems to only host them in the summer. That said, I would definitely do the Pride Run again, as the race itself had a great atmosphere and awesome crowd support!

7 responses to “Pride Run Recap

  1. Run the Marathon Kickoff in October? That’s what my PR is from, 41:00 exactly. I remember it felt like a fast course, so maybe it’s the Pride Run in reverse or something?

    • cnbenton says:

      Weird, that race isn’t on the NYRR calendar, but I think it would probably be too close before or after my marathon. Also, I thought it was a plus that the Pride Run ran the “right” way with Harlem Hill in the beginning. That hill is way harder backwards!

      • embenton says:

        Oops, guess my comment did go through the first time. Anyway, the race was on Halloween when I ran it.

  2. embenton says:

    Run the Marathon Kickoff in October? That’s what my PR is from 41:00 exactly. I remember it felt like a fast course, so maybe it’s the Pride Run in reverse or something?

  3. Jocelyn says:

    I think you have to take the heat into SERIOUS consideration when trying tfor a certain goal time. It’s almost impossible to go faster in the heat. I think if you ran this race in March you would be had no problem going under 38. So brush it off and focus on FALL MARATHON 2012. Booyah

  4. […] suppose it hasn’t been that long since the Pride Run, but save for the bi-weekly speed series 5Ks, I haven’t been racing nearly as often as I was […]

  5. […] meant to be low-key fun runs, but I’d only ever run a 5-mile race once (last June’s Pride Run), and this was my first race since the Chicago Marathon last month. As a result, I was itching to […]

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