Pride Run Recap

Remember when I talked a big game about trying to be consistent in my training and maintaining my 4-mile pace in this weekend’s Pride Run 5M? Well, here are my splits: 8:05, 8:25, 8:15, 9:00, 7:57. Yeah.

I’d never raced a 5-miler before, so I was anxious to find out whether it would be fantastic like a 4-miler or terrible like a 10K. If I’d been able to run around my 4-mile pace of 7:31, I would have finished in under 38 minutes. Instead, my official finish time was 41:31. Not too shabby, but I would definitely like to see some improvement considering that this distance was nearly 12 minutes slower than my 4-mile time despite being only one mile longer. While I did run the whole time, I also stopped for water twice, something I usually won’t do for shorter distances. (It was hot! This explains that 9-minute mile.) Once I knew my time goal wasn’t happening, I just focused on getting my speed back up. I somehow got confused and thought the race clocks were in real time since I started pretty close to the front corral, so when I made the last turn and saw the seconds ticking away on the clock above the finish, I sprinted my little heart out to finish in under 42 minutes. I obviously later realized I had an extra 29 seconds banked when the final results came in, but at least my false impression got me a sub-8 mile and in the last mile at that!

Post-race photo with former roommate Jenny.

I’d like to give this distance another shot in a different season to shoot for a faster time, but NYRR seems to only host them in the summer. That said, I would definitely do the Pride Run again, as the race itself had a great atmosphere and awesome crowd support!

7 thoughts on “Pride Run Recap

    1. Weird, that race isn’t on the NYRR calendar, but I think it would probably be too close before or after my marathon. Also, I thought it was a plus that the Pride Run ran the “right” way with Harlem Hill in the beginning. That hill is way harder backwards!

      1. embenton

        Oops, guess my comment did go through the first time. Anyway, the race was on Halloween when I ran it.

  1. embenton

    Run the Marathon Kickoff in October? That’s what my PR is from 41:00 exactly. I remember it felt like a fast course, so maybe it’s the Pride Run in reverse or something?

  2. I think you have to take the heat into SERIOUS consideration when trying tfor a certain goal time. It’s almost impossible to go faster in the heat. I think if you ran this race in March you would be had no problem going under 38. So brush it off and focus on FALL MARATHON 2012. Booyah

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